Sunday, November 22, 2009


To all of my lovely customers...i'm soooo sorry for the lack of updates!!
Have been busy with exams and my GRADUATION DINNER!! Wuhuuuuu!! :)
Btw as im on holiday now.....this can only mean 1 thing...

UPDATES COMING SOON!! :) (sooner than you might think)

This time it would be a MASSIVE update to compensate for all the lack of updates ;p

You can expect loads of colourful designs, unique and one of a kind shawls....which SSS strive for!

so do tune in to SSS!!


ps-And thank you for all the supports that you have given me all this while, i wouldn't be where i am now if it wasn't for you all :) <3<3<3

UPDATED* shawls would only be ready by 3rd december 2009, so updates would be after that :)

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