Monday, September 28, 2009


To those who have reserved their shawls, kindly make payment by the end of this week yeah?

Those who failed to do so without reasonable cause, i would have to release the shawls that have been reserved to the next person in line.

Please understand this as it would be unfair to me and all my other customers, and this is also to avoid anyone going MIA 

And please, please please...if you have decided to not purchase the shawl you have reserved, do tell me, don't worry, i won't bite ;)

Thank you! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009



Skewed Sunday Shop would like to take this opportunity to wish 

each and everyone of you..



And thank you for your continuing support of my little blog...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Due to the time constraint, for those who would like to have their shawls

delivered before raya,

 the dateline for payment would be latest by THURSDAY before 12pm (no exception)

and for the rest, payment can be made after raya :)



FINALLY~! My new batch of shawls has been updated!! yay!!

This time around the theme surrounding it would be in relation to some of the movies that i grew up with, some of you might not know them, and that is why i would like to share them with you by naming the shawls after the characters in the movies...

By the way these shawls are not restockable, and i can assure you that
these designs are unique and are only in limited pieces and only those who purchase from me can have them :) insyaallah ;p

Enjoy browsing through! :) And Selamat Hari Raya!!

Prices stated below are inclusive of postage

Raya Promotion:

Buy any 2 from the latest batch and get 1 free*!!

*must be from the previous batch
and while stocks lasts ;)

ps/ click on the pictures for better view of the designs

The Secret Garden

wearing Mary Lennox 2
Mary Lennox 1
Mary Lennox 2

item code : Mary 1 or 2
description : Chiffon but not totally see through, and the colour is more to lavender and soft pink
size : 1.8m
price: rm25 ( for either one) inclusive postage

Mary 1 
1.sold to farah marzuki
2.sold to zana

Mary 2 
1.sold to zaza/suhaiza
2.sold to nurusyifa
3.sold to su jamil
4.sold to izzah yaacob


My Fair Lady

wearing Eliza 1

Eliza Doolittle 1

Eliza Doolittle 2

item code : Eliza D 1 or 2

description : crepe, the material is sooooo soft that it practically melts like butter in your hands!
haha, kidding anyways although it is soft but it shapes nicely, and the pictures don't do justice because these shawls are gorgeous! and real colour are more to salmon and peach
size : 1.8m
price: RM28 (for EZ 1)
           RM30 ( for EZ 2- since this one got stones on it) inclusive postage

Eliza 1
1.sold to icu
2.sold to suhaiza/zaza
3.sold to allia
4.sold offline

Eliza 2 
1.sold to su jamil


The Little Mermaid

wearing Ariel 1

Ariel 1

Ariel 2

Ariel 3

item code : Ariel 1, 2 or 3

description : chiffon, easy to style, both ariel 1 and 3 have same designs as ariel 2 except thatfor 1 and 3 half of the shawls are shown as in pictures
size : 1.8m
price: rm30 (for either one)(inclusive postage)

Ariel 1 
1.sold to lyn

Ariel 2 
1.sold to lyn
2.sold to zati

Ariel 3 
1.sold to icu
2.sold to farah marzuki



wearing Pocahantas 2

Pocahantas 1

Pocahantas 2

item code : Pocahantas 1 or 2

description : crepe, the material is soft and not see through, the colours are actually more of'
brown and dark green
size : 1.8m
price: rm28(inclusive postage)

Pocahantas 1 
1.sold to nurusyifa
2. sold to zana

Pocahantas 2 
1.sold to a friend
2.sold to ida/icu
3.sold to lyn
4.sold to asyikin



wearing coraline 1

Coraline 1

Coraline 2

Coraline 3

item code : Coraline 1, 2 or 3

description : Chiffon, with tie dyed designs, the colour is actually more of a dark purple
size : 1.8m
price: RM30 (for either designs) (inclusive postage)

Coraline 1 
1.sold to sarah xoxo
2.reserved for izzah yaacob-paid

Coraline 2
1.sold to asyikin

Coraline 3
1.sold to icu
2.sold to umi


 (Coraline 3-preloved-worn 2 times) RM15
reserved for afiqa

Wizard of Oz

wearing Dorothy 2

Dorothy 1

Dorothy 2

item code : Dorothy 1 or 2
 description: Chiffon, and the colour is actually more to turquoise than green, well, like the emerald city :)

size : 1.8m
price: RM30 (for either design) (inclusive postage)

NOW RM15!! (Inclusive postage!)

Dorothy 1
1.sold to farah marzuki

2.sold to tasnim

Dorothy 2 
1.sold to puteri
2.sold to zaza
3.reserved for tina
 4.sold to nara joe-cod

Alice In Wonderland

(i think this shawl makes my skin glow ;p)

item code : The flowers of Tulgey Wood

description : italian chiffon, 
size : 1.8m
price: rm25 (inclusive postage)

NOW RM10 (Inclusive postage!!)

1.sold to icu/ida
2.sold offline
3.sold offline
4.reserved for tina-cod
5.sold to sufialiah


Ever After

wearing danielle 1

Danielle 1
Danielle 2

item code : Danielle 1 or 2
description : crepe, the material is soft and not see through, the colours are more to
lavender+yellow and soft pink,
size : 1.8m
price: RM30 (for either design)(inclusive postage)

Danielle 1
1.sold to umi
2.sold to sarah xoxo
3.sold to lyn
4.sold to suhaiza/zaza

Danielle 2
1.sold to zati


1 Available (Danielle 1-preloved-worn once)-RM15

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


To all my lovely customers, I am having a sale in conjunction of the upcoming syawal for shawls from my previous batch!!

So kindly head over to the sale section yeah!! :)

LOVE sss :)