Friday, July 30, 2010


Hi Dearies :)

There will be an update of Pretty Unique shawls tomorrow night (Saturday, 4/9/2010). So do tune in!
And due to workloads (and non-functional phone at the moment) only order through EMAIL with the title SHAWL ORDER ( would be entertained.

And please note this important ground rules:

1) that Enquiries alone would NOT be considered as Reserved.
2) reservation is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.
3) and due to many backouts, i have strictly enforced the reservation's period of 3 DAYS ONLY.
4) and for those wanting the shawl(s) before RAYA, the last posting would be on Wednesday (for those in the area where delivery can be made in one day) and Tuesday (for those in the area where delivery would take more than one day)
6) method of postage would be POS EKSPRESS only (i'll be using the rm4.50 envelopes onwards)
8) and prices are NON NEGOTIABLE

and payment can be made to my MAYBANK account (which would be provided once reservation is confirmed)
Please observed this yeah in order to avoid any orders being "missing" or not recorded.
Thank you!  ;)

LOVE nurul sss

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Attention to all the lovely ladies below:

*Idah Zuridah*
*Siti Aisyah Ramli*
*Farah Marzuki*
*Nur Saffawati*

Your items shall be posted within this week. Im really sorry for the delay as im currently busy with all the workloads, and it is such a shame that there's no post office around my firm ;s Because or else i could have easily send your items out. But due to my odd working hours ie 9-8pm+ and all, i will try my best to send the items as soonest as possible. I really appreciate all of your patience :)

And insyaallah i will try and upload my new shawls soon! ;)

LOVE (always) nurul sss

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi Ladies!!!

Im having some sales to clear off the old stocks for new ones! (insyaallah)
Do have a look as the prices has been slashed unbelievably low! :)

Just go to the sales section tab!!

More sales to be updated!!

LOVE nurul sss