Sunday, June 6, 2010


To all my lovely customers,
As you have noticed from my previous announcement, i have just started working and life is a little hectic here, so i sincerely apologize for any delays in postings, emails to be replied or reply for any inquiries. And to those whom have been such great return customers, im sure you all know that i have been very prompt in doing all the above previously.
So just a little heads up in order to avoid confusion/frustration, i just wanted to let you know that though there may be some delay in any of the above, but i always try my best to accomodate to all your needs.
And as for delivery time, from now on my delivery hour can only be done at night, after i get back from work (around 7pm+), so for example if item sent out on Monday night, then your item would arrived on Wednesday instead, okay? :)

And i would also like to apologise for not updating the status of my blog ie; the tracking no, availability of items etc because of the lack of time/internet connection.

So i hope you will understand :) And i do appreciate every bit of your support, as i would not be here without you, you guys are the best :) muahhhssss!!! Insyaallah to return the favour, i will give out some lucky ladies some surprises ;)

And no worries, the blog, despite the lack of activitues, would still be operational, and insyaallah i will try to upload new updates with beautiful shawls in the near future.

LOVE nurul sss