Sunday, October 11, 2009

LAST PIECES! updates~

NOTE-for reserved shawls below, i am only able to post your shawls this coming monday (2/11/-09) due to unforeseen circumstances (final exams and submissions!!), i truly apologize for this delay and i hope you would understand :) thank you so much dearies~

LOVE sss

Here are some shawls from my previous and current batch that have been selling like hot cakes!!
And I only have ONE each!! So grab them now while you can!!

This is from a previous batch and i have 1 extra
RM20 (reserved for azian-paid)

Ever After ( i just realized i got one extra in stock!!! so hurry up! you might be the lucky one to own this piece which has been selling like hot hot hot goreng pisang!! :) )
RM30 sold to zaza

Maharani 13 (previous batch)
This is a preloved, i kept one for my self but  i never got a chance to wear it :( ( i have toooooooooo many purple shawls!)
So i am letting it got as i don't think a pretty piece like this should be neglected! 
RM20 (reserved for azian-paid)


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