Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi Dearies,

First and foremost, Sorry for the lack of updates :( This shopblog operates as a side business aside from my real job in the real world ;p which would mean, that sometimes when my work requires my extra attention, this blog would be slightly "abandoned", but not completely though!!

Insyaallah now that i am a little bit free, there would be more updates coming soon, but not so soon though! 

Apart from that, i would also appreciate it if you can tell me what you would like to see/purchase/interested in so that i can try and accommodate to your needs ;)

Just let me know your hearts' desire and i'll try my best to fulfill it in the hopes of expanding this venture into a better one, despite my shortcomings ;)

And i would also like to express my deepest gratitude for the never ending support that you have given me...


you know who you are ;)

LOVE nurul sss


Nur Zalikha binti Halim said...

I want something extraordinary, paisley design all over. Bright colors. :D And also plain but doesnt look so plain, got desgns a bit. So x nampak cam shawl plain yg jojet tu. :)

nurul sss said...

hi zalikha dear,

thanks for the feedback!! ;) sure insyaallah i'll try and bring those in, so far i have a few materials that may be something like you described :) but will try to look for more so that you'll have more options! thanks so much! really appreciate it!