Monday, March 15, 2010

NEXT UPDATE :) *updated*

Hi dearies!
As i'll be having my final exams soon, so no new updates would be available at the moment. The next one would be in APRIL and i can assure you they're just SUPER FANTASTIC!! :)
Anddddddddd.......maybe...JUST would be possible to restock on this in the next update:
This design has been one of the best seller i have, and i would like to know the number of people who would be interested in this design before i can restock it, but NO PROMISES though, as this one is VERY hard to find :)

Just Mail me!

THANKS LOVE nurul sss!
*without flash, but colour is supposed to be darker*
*with flash*
however to those whom i have mailed/sms, please note that the shawl is similar like above but in a different colour (PURPLE).
I'll put up the pictures soon and do let me know if you are still interested so that if you are not, i can give the shawl to those waiting for it in line.


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