Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mata Hari

very pretty and suitable to be worn for any functions or any normal outings :)


(close up picture)
*as for this design, the shawls vary from one to another, some have some heavy set of sequins and some don't, so price would differ accordingly*
item code MH
description : high quality chiffon
size : 1.8m
pricediffers accordingly
MH-1  (RM35)-sequins covers the whole shawl
1.sold to nur azwanie
2.sold to nur adlina

(please state design as eg:MH 2-1 or /2/3/4)
1.sold to sue(RM35)sequins covers the whole shawl
2.reserved for zahra-paid(RM30)sequins cover half shawl n border
3.reserved  for icu(RM25)sequins cover some parts
4.sold to norazmira(RM20)sequins cover some parts


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