Friday, January 29, 2010

How-To-Guide-shawl style 1

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hye dearies..i've been getting a lot of requests from you all on a guide on how to wear shawl my here it is!! This way of wearing shawl is reallllly easy as shown by my sister here as the model! hehe..who also owns a blogshop! do visit her at theshopaholicscloset.. are the steps!!

STEP 1. shawl used-1.8m, butter silk- first you pinned the shawl as in picture shown. Since i like to start wrapping/lilit my shawl to the right, so i let the left side of the shawl longer, so it's up to you :)

STEP 2-4. basically from step 2-4, you take the side which is the longest and start wrapping/lilit around your head! And do this twice yeah? ie, you wrap/lilit the shawl twice!

STEP 5. once you have followed 2-4 you'll come to this step 5 where all you need to do is fasten the end of the shawl with a pin like jarum peniti :)

STEP 6-8 Tadaaa!!! simple isn't it? so step 6-8 is really how the shawl going to look once you have finished...then you pandai2 laa repair here and there..ehehe..

*ida and hariz cutie pie!!*

this shawl style is also easy to wear for those ladies who are also mommies out there! hassle free n if you purchased the butter silk need ironing!! :)


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