Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hye ladies! I am soooooooooooooooooo sorrryyyy for the delayed update!! i have actually set up for the updates to be published at 12.30 pm today(saturday) 12/12/09, using the new system, but it seems that it didn't work so i have to do it manually....i am REALLLLY SOOORYYYYYY!

By the way i still hope that you would enjoy the new update......sorryyy again!!

*wearing SS-6 A

SS-6 A

SS-6 B

item code : SS-6 A or B
description : butter silk, and the designs are truly defined by the white tracings! lovely!
size : 1.8m
price: RM 30 for A or B (inclusive postage)

SS-6 A
1.sold offline
2.sold to syikin
3.sold to farah marzuki
4. sold to sue/suhaila

SS-6 B(half designs as shown above)
1.sold to zati afzan
2.reserved for icu-paid


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