Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pre-loved Sale

Btw before i roll out the new batch of shawls, i would like to let go some of my preloved, and all these pre-loved shawls have been worn once...or NEVER at all! I assure you!! ;) and all in good condition..

The reason im letting go? actually in the midst of packing my stuff for my final sem (i know..some would probably be confused when i stated before i was bz with graduation dinner..but the fact is..i just celebrated earlier so that i can be with my friends..hehe) i was packing....i just realized....


yeah..i admit a shawl FREAK...i bought them..but sometimes never had a chance to wear them (n sometimes i keep on wearing the same shawl for a week!) hehe...and..........some of the shawls are from my previous batch....which....i tarik2 simpan 1 or two.....huhu...couldn't help it! but in the end i ended up not wearing them....soo enough with the stories...on with the sale~!

*picture credited to artscarf!
(the colour yellow)
Im selling the one in yellow, it's a really nice shawl with perfect trimming, but i only wore it once and the vibrant colours don't suit my face that well...kulit agak tan..hehe
RM15 (inclusive postage)

one of my best selling shawls! kept it, but never worn it..tried to find the occasion to wear it...but with no im letting it go...i think ;p
RM25 (inclusive postage)-sold to farah marzuki

same case as my...i should stop NOT wearing things bought or kept...
selling for
RM28 (inclusive postage)-sold to puteri

*pictures credited to artscarf!
(the colour purple)
I wore this once...then put it away and left forgotten under thousands of my other shawls...
*im so of my offline customer who came to my room actually thought that the shawls i hanged were for sale....more proof that i banyak sgt shawls...
RM15 (inclusive postage)

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