Thursday, December 24, 2009

mini update!

hye dearies! I received some shawls from a friend who went to thailand as gifts, but unfortunately i already have some just like them, so i would like to sell them off! They are the gunny shawls that you see around where people are selling like hot cakes!

So for each item there is only one piece, and please note that they are BRAND NEW and not preloved yeah? :)

All shawls are inclusive of postage :)

Gunny 1 (basic colour is dark brown) RM19

Gunny 2 (basic colour is purple) RM19
NOW RM12-sold to dewi

Gunny 3 (basic colour is green) RM19
NOW RM12-sold to dewi 

Gunny 4 (basic colour is black) RM19

Gunny 5 (combination of light blue and pink) RM19

Gunny 6 (combination of light purple and pink) RM19
NOW RM12-sold to nuraini liyana

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