Monday, December 7, 2009

Batch 7!! PART 1

Hye dearies...sorry for the late update...been stuck in a jam all day...:('s my latest batch..hope you like them as much as i click on the pictures for better view...and sorry for the photos...i just got back from my kg and so kind of did it in a hurry....anyways..enjoy!

due to the price of the material and it's rarety...i had to increase the price for this one! but it's totally drool worthy!!

*wearing ss-1 A


item code : SS-1 A or B
description : japanese butter silk (or so i've been told ;p) but i LOVEEEE this's sooooo pretty and easy to style and soft to the touch! with some gold effect!
size : 1.8m
price: RM 35 (inclusive postage)

SS-1 A
1.sold to afiqah izzati

SS-2 B
1.sold to indiana k
2.sold to nina 
3.sold to fiqa
4.sold to myra


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