Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Fair Lady

wearing Eliza 1

Eliza Doolittle 1

Eliza Doolittle 2

item code : Eliza D 1 or 2

description : crepe, the material is sooooo soft that it practically melts like butter in your hands!
haha, kidding anyways although it is soft but it shapes nicely, and the pictures don't do justice because these shawls are gorgeous! and real colour are more to salmon and peach
size : 1.8m
price: RM28 (for EZ 1)
           RM30 ( for EZ 2- since this one got stones on it) inclusive postage

Eliza 1
1.sold to icu
2.sold to suhaiza/zaza
3.sold to allia
4.sold offline

Eliza 2 
1.sold to su jamil


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