Tuesday, July 28, 2009


To all my lovely customers!! I would firstly like to apologize for the lack of updates, as i have been terribly busy for the past few weeks! And im really sorry to those who have purchased their items but i have yet to update them with the tracking no (fyi i posted the items last monday 27/7/09). 

But on to some good news....well i have some new shawls coming in soooooonnn!!!!
As per usual, they would be lovely and unique ;)

Owh....and more good news!! To those who have missed out to get a hold of one of my m6 shawls, i have them in stock!! well unlike the previous batch (which i found have some defects, n have reduced the price) this batch is in pristine condition!!!

i have NEW 4-m6a
and 2-m6b

But this time, due to requests, i have had the jahit tepi changed to jahit kelim instead (n because i couldn't find places to jahit tepi like i used to in kedah ;p )

so place your orders now as they are limited in stock!!!!!


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